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I like customizing vintage Honda motorcycles from the 1970s mostly. My favorite is the Honda CB350 produced between 1968 and 1973. Six of the motorcycles in the picture to the left are CB350s. The red and white one is stock, the rest are heavily modified, the yellow one was built by a shop in the 1970s but the rest, were customized by me. The red one on the right is a BSA 650 Lightning, the only one I don’t own anymore.


Traveling and taking pictures is certainly something I like doing and try to spend a lot of time doing. 2019 was an epic year of traveling with trips to Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; Bodie, California; Los Angeles; and Birmingham, Alabama taken. I’m looking forward to more travels in the future.

Mountain view with lake
Wooden table project


I like to make random things. Usually they are things I need- like tables, book shelves, tools, sheds, or shelving to store more things. Sometimes I build artistic things that hold an antique or shelving in one of the bathrooms in my house, or a cabinet for a recent bathroom remodel. I make stuff out of metal and wood. I’m not sure which one I prefer.

Recent Trips

Los Angeles city scape

Los Angeles

A quick trip to Ventura, California for the David Mann Chopper Fest. I visited Monterey, Ventura, Pismo Beach, Los Angeles, and more.

Town of Bodie California

Bodie CA

I volunteered with HistoricCorps for a week of work at a ghost town known as Bodie, California. A fantastic State Park worth the drive.

Austin Texas city scape

Austin TX

This trip was for a another motorcycle show but I spent a lot of time hanging out on South Congress street and eating pizza from Home Slice.

Ocean view with mountain

Portland OR

Another motorcycle show took me to Portland OR. I drove around a lot and explored. It's a very pretty coastline and city. Worth a visit.

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